Watch a new 1-2 hour long painting or drawing video every week! Plus get access to all my past hour long videos right now!! 

What the heck is Patreon and why do you keep talking about it?! 


Patreon is another fan-funding site. Unlike many of the others you see that raise funds for a single product or event like Kickstarter, Patreon allows patrons (you) to help support an artist (me) and you get awesome rewards in return.

WHAT?! I like rewards!!! What do I get?!

Rewards are set up depending on how much you would like to pledge each month.

$4 /month:


  • 5 Reference Photos – Each month you will get a set of 5 high-resolution reference photos that you can use in your own artwork! These photos will be taken by me and will mostly be of wildlife. They are royalty free so you can sell your originals or make prints of the artwork you create from them!


  • 1-2 hour painting/drawing videos every Wednesday – You get access to my weekly 1-2 hour long speed paintings and drawings. I already have speed paintings and drawings uploaded each Wednesday on YouTube. Those will always be free, no change there, but with Patreon you get access to a MUCH slower version of those videos so that you can more easily see exactly what I’m doing. As of July 1st 2015, EVERY new weekly video that I upload is complete with voiceover instruction and tips!!  Here is a little sample:


$9 /month:

  • 5 Additional Reference Photos (that makes 10 total each month!)
  • 1-2 hour painting/drawing videos every Wednesday
  • Thank you postcards – A new postcard every month printed with my own paintings on the front.
  • Monthly Group Challenges – Participate in a monthly art challenge designed to help you grow as an artist. Want extra advice on your art challenge painting or drawing? You will have access to a private facebook group only open for those participating in the challenge where you can post photos of your work in progress and/or ask me questions on your piece.   You can then choose to have your challenge painting or drawing included shared in a monthly artist vlog.

When I sign up, how long ’till I get my postcards or access to videos?

As soon as you sign up you get access to all of my current and past 1-2 hour long videos and can join in on the group challenges. Patreon does not charge your card until the 1st of each month. So if you signed up in February, you won’t be charged until the beginning of March. I normally get the previous month’s postcards sent out around the mid to end of the next month when I know how many postcards I need to order and send out.


 To sign up, or to get more information, head to



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 11 reviews
by Kacey Jenkins on Lachri Fine Art on Patreon
You are appreciated!

I recently discovered your videos on YouTube and I watch a combination of informative and speed painting videos almost every night. I love art. I love art and music. I never went to college and I have had to teach myself most of what I know. I thought I knew and understood art until I started watching you. Now I am venturing into new things and in awe of the changes in my own projects. You are an inspiration and a breath of fresh air. Thank you for all you contribute to the art world. My inner peace comes from creating and found myself stagnate and not moving forward due to life's ever changing and challenging seasons. You have helped ignite the creator within me. I hope to one day be as inspiring as you are.

by angela hyde on Lachri Fine Art on Patreon

just wanted to say how helpful the patroen videos and tutorials are for those that need a slower pace..thank you so much

by Jan Beasley on Lachri Fine Art on Patreon
Thank you Lisa!!!

Lisa I just want to say thank you so very much your videos really do help. I wish you would sell videos on ocean painting without using an airbrush I am disable and have only started back painting the last two years. Your YouTube really has helped me quite a bit so I great big thank you so glad I found your website also 🙂 Once again thank you!!!

by Victoria Arnott on Lachri Fine Art on Patreon
Thank you Lisa for all you do!

I absolutely love Lisa. She is an amazing artist who has inspired and helped me so much. Honestly, she is also sooo generous. Beautiful post cards every month, videos with instructional voice overs, and great lessons. She is worth every penny. I look so forward to her posts every week.

by Michelle Little on Lachri Fine Art on Patreon
Become a Patreon, you won't regret it!

Like most people, I've watched many YouTube videos looking for help and inspiration with my artwork. I was lucky enough to come across Lisa, from Lachri Fine Art & knew I'd found the kind of mentor I was seeking. She is so giving when it comes to educating fellow artists. She's also extremely knowledgable about several mediums & works very hard to put together her videos, art challenges, gorgeous monthly postcards, critiques, product reviews...the list goes on. To top it off she's got a wicked sense of humour & a great personality. I can't recommend her highly enough - you absolutely get your money's worth & more.

Well Worth the Money

I am a brand new patron and truthfully I didn't even know what a "Patreon" was until I read about it here on Lisa's site. Lisa's videos are beyond awesome. Not only do I love her techniques but her easy-going style of teaching is the best. I've watched many instructors on different sites and on You Tube, but none compare to Lisa. I can't wait to see what new things she presents each week. Very much worth the little cost.

by Stephanie Bünger on Lachri Fine Art on Patreon
A hughe boost for my creativity

All the past years I didnt find any use in watching tutorials on youtube, I felt I didnt learn anything from just watching someone else work. But when I stumbled across Lisas videos everything changed. She was not only using the tools I worked with all the time, she also explained how to work with them, getting better results and how to improve my realism. I have never spend money on something like patreon but her videos where the first thing I thought it would be worth it, and they are. She is giving so much advice and without making me feel like an idiot but an explorer on a medium I used for years.

by Charlotte Phillipd on Lachri Fine Art on Patreon
Invaluable Art information

Lisa is extremely talented but she is also a fantastic teacher who shares all her tools, talents and information. I have learned so much from her voice over videos! More than any book or magazine and I have read tons of both.
She has been the teacher I have been asking to come into my life. "When the student is ready the teacher will come ." I feel blessed!!

by Pamela Goodman on Lachri Fine Art on Patreon
I have learned so much!

Love the videos and the voice overs are so informative! I have learned so much from Lisa, and she has taken the fear out of trying something new.

by Debbie McCoy on Lachri Fine Art on Patreon

This is awesome as always. I have learned so much from you and your tutorials. I have also bought a ton of colored pencils since I started watching your videos.

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