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“I may regret this. Let’s find out!” is my motto when I paint. We’re artists. We HAVE to experiment. Sometimes those experiments end well. Sometimes…uh, not so much. We won’t discover awesome new techniques if we aren’t willing to make a mistake though! 

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Colored Pencil Tips for Realistic Drawings

Colored Pencil Tips for Realistic Drawings

I'm sharing tips for drawing a realistic giraffe, moths and hollyhock flowers in colored pencil! See how easy it is to layer and blend your pencils to create texture! Stay for the end of the video for updates on why I took last week off!

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My Texas Storm 2021 experience and updates

My Texas Storm 2021 experience and updates

I live in north Texas and this storm has put a stop to creating art this week. I'm sharing how my animals and I have been getting through this mess between the cold, power outages, internet outages, water outages and the really REALLY noisy power generator....

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Art Studio Upgrade

Art Studio Upgrade

I *think* this is the last piece of furniture I "needed" for my art studio! I'm sharing the process of putting it together and a studio tour after!

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My first watercolor painting – Schmincke watercolors

My first watercolor painting – Schmincke watercolors

I've used watercolor pencils before but never really got into pan watercolors. It's been 20 years since I last played with them and that was with crayola level paints. Will my upgraded supplies change my mind on this medium?

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Acrylic Painting Tips –  Painting Cat Fur

Acrylic Painting Tips – Painting Cat Fur

I'm sharing acrylic painting tips for painting realistic cat fur! See how I layer my brush strokes over a darker background to create soft fur! Supplies used: (amazon affiliate links) I am sponsored by Fredrix canvas. The canvas in this...

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