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Patreon – Pop Art Bird Painting Lesson

Patreon - Pop Art Bird Acrylic Painting Lesson For this one I worked on a Fredrix watercolor canvas board and used liquitex basics with a bit of createx airbrush paint for my stencil. This stencil came from ebay, but you can use any stencil you like!...

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Dolphin Oil Over Acrylic Painting Lesson In this painting lesson, I'm going to show you how I paint a realistic dolphin and water. I've got tips that you can use to paint water no matter what medium you're working in! Supplies used: (amazon affiliate links)...

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Derwent Watercolor Pencil Review & Tips Are Derwent Watercolor Pencils any good? Find out if they are for you plus I'm demonstrating a lionfish painting with these pencils and giving you lots of tips for using them! I'm working on Fabriano Artistico extra...

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Bird Colored Pencil Tips & Paper Review Fabriano Artistico HP watercolor paper is different than it used to be. Is that a good or bad thing for colored pencil artists? I'm also demonstrating a Rosella drawing in Colored Pencil over an airbrushed background...

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Surreal Octopus Acrylic Painting Learn how to layer acrylic paint to create an octopus and underwater scene with orcas, fish and coral! I've got tips you can use in your own artwork, including how to come up with ideas for surreal paintings in this...

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For me, art has never been about some elitist idea of the “right” way to create. Instead, I see the value in art for art’s sake.