YouTube Painting and Drawing Critiques

Are you learning to paint & draw and want tips on your own paintings or drawings? I have a YouTube series where viewers can submit their work to be featured on one of my weekly painting critiques. This is a great way to learn about the strengths in your work as well as some areas you can improve on.

One of the most helpful art meetings I ever attended at my old art association was an art critique. An amazing artist came in who I had a ton of respect for (this is an important point when you are looking for a critique. If you do not respect the artists work then their tips are not going to do much for you). She spent several minutes on everyone’s work pointing out what worked and what didn’t work in the piece. I think we all walked away with something from that meeting. Not just about what she had to say about our own work, but what she said about others as well. I have people regularly message me asking for my opinion and advice on their paintings. I figured I may as well start a video series so others can benefit from my tips as well. Want to get involved? Here is what you need to know:

  • Must be your own original work. Please do not submit random paintings you found on the internet.
  • No abstract work (this is not my specialty).
  • Work must be family friendly, no nudes.
  • You must be willing to hear both positive and negative comments about your work. This is intended as a learning tool. If you’re simply looking for self-promotion or to hear only praise, then this is not for you.
  • There is a long waiting list to have your painting critiqued. Right now that waiting list is over 2 years long. If you are looking for help now, you can post your work in our Facebook Group where other artists would be happy to share their advice!

Below is a link to the release form, fill it out and email it to me Lisa at (no spaces), along with a high-resolution photo of your work to be critiqued.

Google documents release form