Graphite Supply List

These are the products I use in my own artwork


With graphite, you can get started with a single #2 pencil if that’s all you have, but these are my favorites to work with.


I am so much less picky about the paper I use for graphite than the paper I use for colored pencil. For the most part, I prefer very smooth paper. Here are a few I recommend you try out to see which best fits your style:

  • Strathmore Bristol Vellum
  • Stonehenge white (the one sold in pads is smoother than those sold individually, good for graphite, not great for colored pencil IMO)
  • Fabriano Artistico extra white Hot Pressed 140lb watercolor (I get this from, this one is always WAY overpriced on amazon).



  • Glassine This is what I keep under my hand to prevent smudging my work with my hand.
  • Derwent pencil extender  This is so that you can keep using your pencils even when they’re used down to the last inch! 
  • Drafting Brush This is used to wipe away eraser shavings or graphite dust without smearing your work
  • drawing board I don’t use the clip, but use low tack masking tape instead to tape my work to my board.
  • shading tools For blending smaller areas and details
  • chamois For blending larger areas
  • Kum handheld sharpener I’m in no way saying this is the best sharpener, but it’s cheap and has worked well for me. I have gotten a few lemons over the years though.
  • Kum long point sharpener  This sharpener is a two-parter. You first sharpen the pencil to a long point, but the end will have a lump. Then you use the other side which brings it to a very fine point. This one seems to work great with some pencils but can be temperamental. I didn’t love it when I first got it, but now I find myself using it all the time.
  • Sofft Tools Blender pointed bar  
  • Sofft Knife and Covers, 4 Assorted Knives and 8 Covers 

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