Pan Pastels Members Video Library

This page is an easy way for you to find all of my availableĀ  Pan Pastel videos! Just click on the link to be taken to that post over on Patreon or Subscribestar! You will need to be logged into your Patreon or Subscribestar account to access the posts. These are all organized by medium šŸ™‚

If you’re not already signed up for Patreon, or Subscribestar (same rewards and price, Subscribestar is just an alternative to the Patreon platform for $4 and $9 tiers) you get access to all of these tutorials, plus a new one every week for as little as $4/month!

Owl in PanPastel & Colored Pencil

1 hour 56 min

Polar Bear in PanPastels and Colored Pencil

1 hour 34 min

Giraffe in Colored Pencil & PanPastels LivestreamĀ 

3 hour 20 min

Candle in Colored Pencil & Pan PastelsĀ Ā 

49 min

Cat in PanPastel & Colored Pencil

1 hourĀ Ā 

Butterfly in PanPastel & Colored Pencil

1 hour 50 min

Pan Pastel & Colored Pencil Landscape

31 min

Gnatcatcher Bird in Colored Pencil & Pan Pastel

42 min

Fox Colored Pencil & Pan Pastels Pt1

1 hour 38 min

Fox Colored Pencil & Pan Pastels Pt2

1 hour 48 min

Glow Mushroom Colored Pencil & Pan Pastels – BeginnerĀ 

44 min

Coming Soon

1 hours 15 min