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For me, art has never been about some elitist idea of the “right” way to create. It’s art!! There is no wrong way to create!!

Does your work not look the way you want right now? Paint more! No matter how good or bad your work comes out, you are at the very least getting a feel for the medium. Time is never wasted when spent painting or drawing!

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Every week I have four new videos for artists ranging from critiques, artist vlogs, speed paintings drawings and tutorials, art Q&A and social media tips for artists. 

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Are my weekly speed paintings and drawings too fast for you?

You may like my 1-2 hour versions available for Patreon supporters! My slower videos now include voiceover tips and instruction! 

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Recent Blog Posts 

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Question: I recently had an exhibition of my artwork and got a lot of positive feedback. Many asked if they were on sale and I said yes. After revealing the price, they said it was overpriced. Then I reduced it but still no hope. Please help.  Ah the joys of selling... read more

Art Q&A – upcycling and art

Question: Hi, Lisa! I’ve recently returned to painting after seven years away, and watching your videos has made picking acrylics back up so much easier! I’m primarily an upcycling crafter and would love to bring the recycled materials aspect over to my... read more

Rose oil painting tutorial

    I’m showing you how to paint a red rose in oil paint by starting with a grisaille background then glazing my color over that when dry. If you’re new to oil painting, check out my intro to oil painting My favorite oil painting supplies can be... read more

Colored Pencil Critique

Today’s critique comes from artist Sarah Coleman. She has completed this piece using colored pencil and a white gel pen. The drawing is great on this! The highlights and shadows are beautifully done. You can really see the shine on those berries!! I only have... read more

Art Q&A framing your work for shows

OneBig ArtGeek writes: Do you have any suggestions for buying frames. I’m just starting out and have little money and frames, for me, are an EXPENSIVE extravagance. Are there any frames out there for say, ten dollars or less, or if more expensive that can be... read more

Lion colored pencil tutorial

I’m showing you how I drew this lion in colored pencil in this tutorial. This one was a bit different than you’ve often seen me work in colored pencils because I used fawn paper and let that color work throughout my piece! Supplies used: Fawn Stonehenge... read more

I’m the co-host for the new Colored Pencil Podcast!

Can’t get enough of colored pencils? I’ve joined John Middick to bring you more info on pencils, paper, technique and even interviews with other colored pencil artists!Listen Now!