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Are my YouTube speed painting and drawing videos too fast for you?

I offer 1-2 hour versions of my weekly videos to Patreon supporters for as little as $4/month! Get access to a new 1-2 hour video, every week!!

UPTDATE: As of July 1st 2015 every new 1-2 hour long video will be complete with voiceover instruction and tips!!

Youtube Art Videos

Every week I have four new videos for artists ranging from critiques, artist vlogs, speed paintings, drawings and tutorials, and even social media tips for growing your art following!

Patreon Art Videos

Are my weekly speed paintings and drawings a bit too fast for you? You may like my 1-2 hour versions available for patreon supporters!

Shop Originals

Do you have a room that needs more life? A painting can completely change the feeling of any space. Own a piece of my own history by purchasing one of my original paintings or drawings!

Shop Prints

Not ready to own an original? Or did you just miss out on buying one of my paintings or drawings? No worries! You can still own some of my work in the form of high quality prints, postcards or even throw pillows!


Some of my newest work

I create a new painting and drawing almost once a week! Make sure to check back regularly to see my newest creations :D

I’m the co-host for a new colored pencil podcast! Listen HERE!!

Latest Blog Posts


3 People for artists to follow on Twitter

Last week I talked about the power of the retweet. Sometimes finding great artists who are offering valuable advice can be hard so today I’m going  to get you started...

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Surreal Dolphin Painting Video

Teal, black and white, and dolphins…some of my favorite things! I’ve combined them all in this surreal dolphin painting. A couple of weeks ago I shared my tutorial showing you...

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Lady gaga critique

Today’s critique comes from artist Miguel Diaz. He has completed this drawing in charcoal and graphite. You said that your goal was on the gaze of her eye, and I...

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Your group challenge artwork from May 2015

Each month I have two different group challenges that you can get involved in. The first is through Patreon for patrons who pledge $9 or more a month. Along with access...

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The Power of the Retweet

I read an article recently (although not recently enough that I can remember WHERE I read it) where a guy did an experiment. He made a brand new twitter account....

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Chickadee with Caran d’Ache Luminance Colored Pencils

After the terribleness that was Derwent Coloursoft, let’s cleanse our palates (hrmm…for us artists, palettes would also fit there haha), and  take a look back at my first time using...

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How to cure artist block

Don’t let artist block keep you from creating your next work of art!