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Are my YouTube speed painting and drawing videos sped up too much for you? I offer 1-2 hour versions of my weekly videos (without the voice overs) to Patreon supporters for as little as $4/month! Get access to a new 1-2 hour video every week!!

Youtube Art Videos

Every week I have four new videos for artists ranging from critiques, artist vlogs, speed paintings, drawings and tutorials, and even social media tips for growing your art following!

Patreon Art Videos

Are my weekly speed paintings and drawings a bit too fast for you? You may like my 1-2 hour versions available for patreon supporters!

Shop Originals

Do you have a room that needs more life? A painting can completely change the feeling of any space. Own a piece of my own history by purchasing one of my original paintings or drawings!

Shop Prints

Not ready to own an original? Or did you just miss out on buying one of my paintings or drawings? No worries! You can still own some of my work in the form of high quality prints, postcards or even throw pillows!

How to order a portrait


Looking for a custom portrait of a family member or one of your pets? I’ve got you covered!

Some of my newest work

I create a new painting and drawing almost once a week! Make sure to check back regularly to see my newest creations :D

Latest Blog


White tiger in charcoal art critique

Today we’re taking a look at this charcoal drawing (with a bit of colored pencil for the eyes) of a white tiger by artist Dean Williams. I like that you...

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How I make money as an artist

I am asked all the time if I am a full-time artist or if I have other jobs. Because of my youtube schedule, I work about 60-80 hours a week,...

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Stop blaming the color

When an artist is having trouble with their work they often think it’s because they are choosing the wrong colors. If they just knew the right magical combination of colors...

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Do you display the right attitude when you post on facebook or twitter?

Everyone is going to have their own opinion on this matter and I already know I’m going to have those who say “I’m just being real!” or “I’m just being...

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Critique swan in colored pencil

Today we’re taking a look at this swan that was completed in colored pencil on Bristol board by artist  Mark Turnbull. You can check out more of Mark’s work on...

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Strathmore Colored Pencil Paper Review

This paper has been talked about ALL over the internet in colored pencil art groups, forums, twitter…everywhere! There has never been a paper labeled specifically for colored pencil, so when Strathmore...

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How to cure artist block

Don’t let artist block keep you from creating your next work of art!

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