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For me, art has never been about some elitist idea of the “right” way to create. It’s art!! There is no wrong way to create!!

Does your work not look the way you want right now? Paint more! No matter how good or bad your work comes out, you are at the very least getting a feel for the medium. Time is never wasted when spent painting or drawing!

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Every week I have four new videos for artists ranging from critiques, artist vlogs, speed paintings drawings and tutorials, art Q&A and social media tips for artists. 

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Are my weekly speed paintings and drawings too fast for you?

You may like my 1-2 hour versions available for Patreon supporters! My slower videos now include voiceover tips and instruction! 

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Recent Blog Posts 

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Art Q&A – Blog Ideas for Artists

Mandy Sowell writes: My question is about art blogging. I struggle with coming up with good blog posts. I am not very good at writing, and I’m wondering if there are any good methods for a non writer to keep a blog? How do you balance blogging with creating art?...

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Art Q&A Colors are too Bold

Secil writes: Hello Lisa. I’ve been following your channel for a while and even though I’m not a colored pencil artist I decided to try out polychromos. My main issue is that the colors are so vibrant and saturated that I can’t get the dull and dark...

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Colored Pencil Landscape Tutorial

For this demonstration, I’m working on Canson Mi-Teintes in light blue. This paper has a feel almost like construction paper, but not as rough. It has a really nice amount of tooth, just right to get lots of detail and smooth blending, but more than my usual...

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Critique – Acrylic Horse

This week’s submission comes from artist Charlene. You can view more of her work at She has completed this horse in acrylic on a black canvas. Her goals were to figure out high contrast between the horse and the background. The...

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Selling Artwork on Amazon

I looked into this briefly when amazon announced its plans to have artists sell their handmade items on their platform. That interest died VERY quickly after finding out a few massive negatives about that platform. First, ideally, you want customers to buy from you...

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Art Q&A – Drawing what others want

Helik writes: Hello mam, I am in an awkward situation, my parents want me to draw more like other artists , for an ex. Live sketching , still life , real sketches , etc and they don’t even care bout my style, my father was with me but as other people converted...

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I’m the co-host for the new Colored Pencil Podcast!

Can’t get enough of colored pencils? I’ve joined John Middick to bring you more info on pencils, paper, technique and even interviews with other colored pencil artists!Listen Now!