A whole painting in 10 minutes?! I was challenged by artist Ryan O’Rourke to finish a whole painting in 10 minutes. I painted this surreal landscape with waterfalls in acrylics. Because it’s only a ten minute painting, you get to watch in real time!

The rules are that you can start with a white or black canvas, you can have your drawing sketched out, you can work in any medium, and you have to finish in 10 minutes or less!

See Ryan’s ten minute paintings on his channel

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Unmask ArtCory Simpson, and Jason Morgan 

patreon-yt-thumb-zayNormally I have a 1-2 hour version of my videos each week for Patrons. Being that this video was already real time, I instead added a voiceover along with some real time clips to my two hour version of the little girl in a blue hat in colored pencil for supporters on Patreon to watch now!!  If you’re unfamiliar with Patreon, you get access to my 1-2 hour long tutorials every single week for as little as $4/month along with a bunch of other rewards like reference photos!!