I’m showing you how to paint clouds and rain in oil paint in this painting demonstration. I started with raw umber and unbleached titanium white using acrylic paint (Liquitex basics). You can paint the same underpainting with oil paint, just let it dry all the way before you move onto the color glazing layers. The oil painting for this piece started when you see me move onto blues.


Supplies used: (amazon affiliate links)
? Fredrix blue label ultra smooth canvas 18×24″
?Webers permalba black 
?Weber permalba white 
The following are base sets to get started if you don’t have oil paints at all. Either set is a great start!
?Winsor & Newton Winton Color oil paint 
?Winsor & Newton Artists Oil Paint
?Mona Lisa Brush Tank 
?Mona Lisa Odorless Paint thinner 
?The Masters Brush Cleaner 
?Masterson Artist Palette 
?Viva Paper Towels 
?Mop Brush I recommend the 12 pack on these http://goo.gl/CiWgfD I also used a #4 liner brush and two #8 filberts, both synthetic hog hair and a few stiff round brushes.

Beginners guide to oil painting 

Oil Painting Livestream

How I varnish my oil paintings 

How to use a liner brush

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