You’ve got social media but what happens when you lose your account? What happens when that platform just stops being useful? How do you reach people who are interested in your work? I’ve talked a lot about the importance of your own website, but on top of that, you should also have an email newsletter.

Right now, most social media platforms have nearly no reach unless you can afford to run advertisements or pay to boost your posts (looking at you facebook and instagram). I have over 30k followers on faceebook, but my posts reach one or two hundred people. Their algorithms have gotten horrible year after year. They were smart about it though, they did it in stages. At first, half the people who followed our pages saw our posts. They lowered it year after year until the point where now our reach is under 3% for most of our posts. I know I know, I complain about facebook a lot, but it shows the importance of having a way to contact those who want to see our content that is under our control.

If you’re just starting with an email newsletter, many are free for up to 500 or so subscribers. I personally have really liked AWeber (affiliate link here if you want to check them out). Whatever company you settle on, the important thing is actually doing it. Don’t trust social media to keep you in touch with your followers or buyers! It gets worse all the time!

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