Question: I have a question about identifying colours.
Even with a great reference photo, it is sometimes difficult to identify colour especially in shadow areas.  I use the eye dropper tool on my desktop computer which is a great help in getting the values right but if I’m out at one of my art groups I only have my tablet. I’ve downloaded numerous apps which don’t include this facility (the tablet versions seem to be much more restricted).  I’ve seen you use this technique occasionally in critiques and wonder if you have been able to achieve it on a tablet and if so which app you use.  I’m sure it is something others would find useful.
I have been signed up to Patreon for some time now and have learnt so much from watching the attention to detail in your videos.  I can see a big improvement in my own work since finding you. Thank you.
Thanks also for recommending Jason Morgan and Wildlife Reference Photo’s.  Both great sites.
Best wishes   –  Jill

I use sketchbook by autodesk.

It will likely look a bit different depending on which version/tablet/OS you’re on, but in general this is how it works.


  • Open your photo within the app (just click those little white pages in the upper right hand corner, this will open your layers. Click on one of those boxes and you can then choose to import a photo)
  • Click the little rainbow circle at the top. This will open the color wheel. There is an eyedropper just under the four grey squares. Click that. This window will now close and you have what looks like a target on your image.
  • Move the target to the area you want to see the color of. If you want to see what this color looks like on the color wheel, just reopen it by clicking the circle at the top again and the color you last chose will be shown on the color wheel.

This is a great tool because you will have it with you everywhere you go. I use it more on my phone than I do on my tablet.

In this video I will show you exactly how it looks in action on my phone 🙂