Question: First of all, I wanted to thank you for your great videos. I feel I really improved my painting skills watching you ! Then, my question. My cat is very furry, and I’d like to paint her. I’ve watched a lot of your videos in which you explain how you get the fur to be realistic, but when I try and paint some, I get some problem : because of the fur, I always make her look kind of fat. How do you avoid furry animals to look fat?

Thanks for everything you do, it’s very nice of you 🙂
Best wishes from France,

I’ve not seen your work, so I can only answer this based on what I’ve seen happen with some students in the past. This is going to be one of our shortest Q & As ever but it’s such a great question so we’re going to talk about it!


Let’s take a look at this digital painting I did a few years back. When you draw your initial outline, it’s easy to want to add the fluff on the outside edge of that line drawing. This is adding additional thickness to that subject. Instead, the fur would fall inside of that line drawing. See what a huge difference that makes in the thickness of the dog’s neck?