Obaid writes: I want to ask you about mixing between Charcoal and graphite pencils
how can I merge them together ?? whenever I’ve tried to combine charcoal and pencil they don’t merge

is there any way to do that ??

I don’t mix charcoal and graphite myself because the charcoal is just too soft in comparison for my taste. I do however mix carbon pencil and graphite. I run into the same problem as you. Basically, anywhere I’m going to want to use graphite, I just use graphite. Areas where I’m going to want super dark with the carbon pencil, I just use carbon pencil.

Don’t put the graphite down first in any area you will want the carbon pencil (or charcoal in your case) because the graphite makes the paper too slick in most cases for the carbon pencil/charcoal to stick to. It’s going to take some trial and error to figure out how much you can use of each and still get them to work together, but I don’t try to layer them over each other much myself.

Mostly I keep the graphite for super small areas and the carbon pencil for areas that I want very dark and larger areas of the piece. This is the same when I’ve combined graphite and colored pencil. I don’t overlap them. I just leave each area to its own zone of sorts.