After the terribleness that was Derwent Coloursoft, let’s cleanse our palates (hrmm…for us artists, palettes would also fit there haha), and  take a look back at my first time using one of my absolute favorite colored pencils. Luminance by Caran d’Ache is another wax based pencil. Unlike all other brands, however, every single one of these pencils is lightfast. YAY for pencils that don’t fade! What’s more is that they are absolutely wonderful to work with. I loved how well they layered and blended. Even though they are wax based, they did not build up a wax bloom nearly as much as Prismacolor Premier does, yet they still blended as smoothly. I also found that I was able to get more detail with these than any other wax based pencil. Not quite as much as Polychromos, but still good. I actually use my Luminance and Polychromos together, they play very well with each other.

When I first ordered these pencils, I only ordered white just to test out, hoping not to like them because they are quite expensive. The set of 76 runs around $300. Ouch! Unfortunately for my checkbook, one use and I was hooked!!

Check out my full review in this video!


The two hour version of this speed drawing is available for Patreon supporters. It was the first patreon video I ever uploaded =D