Here we go! It’s that time of year again where we have no idea what to buy for people! I’m here to help you choose gifts for the artist that won’t end up in a closet somewhere…unless that’s where they store the art supplies they love most.

Here is the thing about artists…we’re weirdly picky about the supplies we use. You can’t just go to costco and pick up a paint set and call it a day if you’re wanting the artist to really use the products inside. Unless they’re a kid, save your money on those sets. I know you mean well but they probably won’t get used.

Here are some items artists CAN always use, starting at the least expensive and working our way up.

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Think Outside the Box

Art motivation items.

Art Coffee Mug

Art Sweatshirt or tshirt

Selection of teas

Stocking Stuffers

Pencil Sharpeners. We ALWAYS need more. These things get dull and start breaking our lead if we don’t replace them (or the blades) regularly. Plus we lose them. A lot. Here are some of my favorites.

Erasers. Yep…we are always losing these too! Just get us a gift basket full of them and we will be weirdly happy. Here are some of my favorites. Notice they are all white. Avoid the fun colored erasers, they can leave colored marks on white paper which can ruin artwork.

Shading Tools for blending graphite or charcoal.

Bob Ross Quotes Book

The Basics


The paper type your artist will like best depends on their favorite medium to work in.

Colored Pencils & Water Media

This is an area where you can spend a small amount or turn into everyone’s favorite gift giver. Totally up to your budget, but either way, the artist you give them to will love them!

Painting Supplies

Art Storage