My friend Nick was having some trouble with color mixing. He sent me a video of the problem asking for help.

The main issue I see in the video above is that he was using too many colors to try and mix what he wanted. Those colors all got him to the end result he wanted but with way more work than needed.
The best thing you can do when you’re mixing color is to take a look at it in photoshop with an eyedropper tool (as shown in the video above) to determine what color you’re really looking at. In this case, we needed a greyish lavender/blue shade.

Once you determine if the color is more greyish, or pure color, and where it falls on the color wheel, you’re ready to start mixing. The biggest tip here is to USE AS FEW COLORS AS POSSIBLE!!! There are 20 different ways (or more) to get to the same end. Why make it harder on yourself by using 10 colors to get there when you can use 3 or 4?