Are the new Derwent Lightfast oil-based colored pencils worth the hype? Do they blend and layer well? Are they good for drawing realistic detail? Find out while I demonstrate how to draw a giraffe and fireflies in this colored pencil review!

Lightfast ASTM 1  displayed on each pencil – overall a higher rating than Polychromos or luminance. Both have some that are rated this high, but with these pencils, every single one is as lightfast as they come.
Colors Only 36 right now, supposed to be 76 eventually after more lightfast testing on additional colors. Given how few colors there are available I wasn’t sure how excited I was about them just yet. After trying them for the first time (you can watch the first time I tested these pencils on this livestream), I am SO in love with the purples in this set. Brightest and best purples I have for shading. Even if you’re not sure you want to get this set, I strongly recommend the purples! The majority of the colors in this set are very neutral, browns/creams/tans. I’m glad to have all of these colors, but in a set of only 36, if these are your only pencils you would feel very limited in what you can create color wise.
The downside for me right now is that there isn’t a true red or true blue in this set. There is a light ultramarine blue and an orangy red, but without a true red and blue, you are very limited. If this is your only set you will need to pick up a few individual pencils from another set to make this remotely complete.
Availability and Price available online through Amazon or Derwent website. Retail is $144.99 but that’s not what we ever pay from art suppliers. Right now on Amazon, the set of 36 is around 115. These will be available open stock and in sets from retailers like DickBlick. I’m not sure what the price will be on those just yet. They should be available in the US on the 1st of September.
Performance I was expecting these to just feel like another Polychromos. These are oil based but I am REALLY happy to say they feel MUCH waxier than Polychromos. That’s not to say I don’t love my Polychromos, just that I would rather have something a bit different to add to my collection. I didn’t want more of what I already have. They are a wonderful blend of wax vs oil content. For how I like to layer and blend, these were absolutely perfect! Very similar to the Derwent Procolour that came out last year. I loved those but the lightfast ratings weren’t very good on many of those pencils. I’m so happy to have a pencil that performs very much the same but all lightfast! Especially those purples!

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