I’ve been playing with digital painting on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet in-between working on my traditionally painted oils. This is “Kadin”, an Ibizan hound in progress using Sketchbook Pro.


I start with a basic sketch using the pencil brush.

I then make a new layer, drop it behind my sketch so that I can see my outlines, and start shading in the background colors with the airbrush brush.



Still on that same second layer, I start building up some of the darker tones and get the base of the eyes.

I now add a third layer. Using the airbrush brush I lay in the darker colors for the background.

Adding a fourth layer I add a bit of texture into the background.

Next I add a fifth layer and bring it to the top to start adding the detail in the fur.

I keep adding more layers of fur, some with the finer pencil brush, some with the airbrush brush.


After a lot of detail, here is my finished painting 🙂