Should you paint what will sell or what you love? Here’s why this matters!

When you paint what you love, it shows in your work. On top of that, when you paint what you love, you already have an in with your target audience. Let’s say you show dogs. You probably enjoy painting pet portraits. You have an in with the dog show folks. Where do they hang out? Dog shows of course! Get a booth at local shows! Do you love orchids? Paint those and share them with other people like yourself who love orchids. Get a booth selling your work at an orchid show!

When you paint the things you’re really interested in, you likely know others who are interested in the same things. You know exactly where they hang out because you’re one of them! That could be social media groups or forums even! Painting what you love will naturally help you find people who love what you paint!

We all need to be reminded “Don’t drink the paint water”  and other fun artist sayings. 
Why not wear it on our clothes or coffee mugs to make sure we don’t forget?

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