Graphitint and XL Graphite blocks together? YES PLEASE! See how awesome these two work together to create a unique painting or drawing! I’m drawing from one of my own reference photos to create this hippo painting. I’ve got tips for blending and layering your pencils and how to paint with the graphite blocks!

Supplies used: (amazon affiliate links)

  • Derwent Graphitint 24 set
  • Derwent XL Graphite
  • Derwent WaterBrush
  • Fabriano Artistico Extra White Hot Pressed Watercolor Block Mine is from the 16×20″ block that I cut down. These blocks (at least mine anyway) don’t stay together so they are pretty useless to paint in like you’ve seen me do with Arches which is my preference. Unfortunately, I have to remove my sheet from the block to work on because of this. The Arches is currently my favorite hot pressed (hot pressed is smooth, cold pressed has a more rough texture) watercolor paper.

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