I don’t see myself getting sick of this medium anytime soon. I just LOVE how much detail you can easily get with them!! Today I’m demonstrating a secretary bird using both the blocks and pencils.

Supplies used: (Amazon affiliate links)

While I am using the whole set of inktense blocks and pencils, you can mix colors easily with these so if you just want to try them out for the first time, the 12 pack of blocks is a decent set. The 12 pack set does not come with a white block though.

My reference photo comes from http://www.wildlifereferencephotos.com. You can purchase this photo there if you would like to paint this same bird!

patreon-YT-thumbemThe 2-hour long version of this tutorial is available for supporters on Patreon to watch now!!  If you’re unfamiliar with Patreon, you get access to my 1-2 hour long tutorials every single week for as little as $4/month!