We’ve all heard it. “you’re so gifted”, “It’s a gift from God!”, and “Who did you inherit your talent from?!”

I’m not going to claim genetics plays no role. I would consider it a possibility as far as you being interested in art. I would consider it a factor in how your brain works in the ideas you come up with. Ok, great, now you can draw super creative…stick figures.

Whether you credit that to genetics, God, the moon phase…whatever, it’s only going to take you so far. I have seen SO many people brag about their art being a gift from God, yet for some reason, they thought that meant they didn’t need to bother LEARNING TO PAINT OR DRAW. No matter what reason you have for your interest in art, the actual technical skill and technique come from the work YOU PUT IN. It doesn’t just slap you in the face because… reasons.

Don’t ever feel like because you don’t have a family history of art that it somehow limits you. I am the only artist in my family besides a couple who dabbles as a hobby. You are the ONLY thing that limits you. If you want to become amazing you’re going to have to put in the hours. You’re going to draw a whole lot of terrible-looking things, family art history or not before you become great.

We all start at 0 with art. Those of us who have drawn and painted thousands of pieces don’t usually show you the terrible work that got us to where we are today. I don’t know what it is about art that people attribute the skill to a gift from the heavens or family genetics. Drs? Lawyers? Dentist? Psychologist? Underwater basket weaving? Nope…you study for eternity for those. Doesn’t matter if every family member you have is already a dr. You always start at 0 and work your way up. There is no genetic or heavenly shortcut.