If you’ve not heard of the Smart Art Box (affiliate link), it is a monthly subscription box available to those within the US or Canada where every month you get a box sent to your house full of full sized art supplies. Every month there is a different medium that will come complete with instructions and everything you need to complete your own project with those supplies. These aren’t little samples but full sized supplies so you will often have enough left over to make several projects!

This month’s box came with a 12 pack of Derwent Coloursoft, Finetec Blender, Maruman artist paper sketchbook, and a Kum long point pencil sharpener (I’m currently in love with that sharpener!! I’m SO glad it was included in this box!).

Now those of you who have been around for a while probably saw my review of the Derwent Coloursoft colored pencils before. So you guys know I’m not a huge fan of those pencils for realistic work. One thing I did say in that video though was that I thought they would be great for looser sketches, so in this video I’m putting that theory to the test! Sure enough, they were a lot of fun to work in for these fast sketches!

Just to be clear, I in no way dislike Derwent! I have so much respect for how that company strives to better their products based on what artists want. Coloursoft pencils are just one small product that I dislike in a long line of other products that I love from Derwent =)