I’m SO late on October’s Smart Art Box!! I finally sat down and completed my project on Halloween night. This actually seemed like the perfect time for this project…because my lady was seriously freaking me out!

If you’re unfamiliar with the smart art box, it’s a monthly subscription box where every month you get a box sent to you full of everything you need to complete a different project. Each month is a different medium and theme. My two favorite things about these boxes are that they are full sized supplies, not little samples. Just this month alone I have more than enough materials left over from my project to attempt to sculpt one of my studio assistants! They are already pretty boney so I figured they would be a perfect addition to my Dia De Los Muertos “Lady of the Underworld”. The other thing I like so much is that they come with a full lesson and instructions on how to complete your project. If it’s a medium you don’t know how to use, you’re not going to feel lost at all!

This box came with a box of Super Sculpey Firm polymer clay (1lb), Richeson Boxwood Tooks kit, a Pottery took kit, and Creative Mark armature wire.


As you can see in my video, I clearly did not know what I was doing. Once I finished my project I looked up #SmartArtBox on instagram to see other peoples projects. I should have done that first! I was so impressed by what some of the artists created. If you’ve not done your project yet, I do recommend checking out some of the other artists work and spending a LOT more time than I did. I spent about 4 hours on my project. I think had I doubled that amount of time I could have gotten some really pretty effects with the fabric in the dress.

Smart art box is currently only available for residents within the US and Canada.  If you would like to  up for your own Smart Art Box subscription here is my affiliate link  Smart Art Box