Hire me to paint one of your loved ones!

Custom family pet portraits in your choice of graphite,  colored pencil, oil and  acrylic painting, or digital, available in  realism, pop art or impressionism.   Prices vary based on size, style and medium as listed below.


Graphite and Carbon Pencil Portrait Prices:


  • Single Subject $400


  • Single Subject $475
  • Two Subjects $550


  • Single Subject $640
  • Two Subjects $720

Colored Pencil Portrait Prices:

My colored pencil pieces are completed on high-quality artist paper with the highest quality, lightfast colored pencils. This ensures an excellent archival quality of your painting.


  • Single Subject $515


  • Single Subject $675
  • Two Subjects $675


  • Single Subject $875
  • Two Subjects $950

Oil and Oil over Acrylic Portrait Prices:

My paintings are painted on Fredrix canvases. These canvases are great because they are archival making sure your painting lasts several lifetimes.


  • Single Subject $550


  • Single Subject $720
  • Two Subjects $900


  • Single Subject $900
  • Two Subjects $1050


  • Single Subject $1200
  • Two Subjects $1350
  • Three Subjects $1450


Digital Painting Portrait Prices:

$350  for a single pet

These are hand drawn digital paintings of your pet from a photograph. These are not just digital photo manipulations. Check out this post on my blog to see a step by step digital painting by Lachri This is different than my usual portraits in that there is nothing to be shipped to you. When the painting is complete, I will email you the large file that you can have printed anywhere you like (cafe press, shutterfly etc). Any prints you have made are for your personal use only, I will retain copyrights otherwise. This means you can not resell prints of your painting, but feel free to have an extra printed on a coffee mug or 3 for your family members.

Would you like more info on having a portrait painted? Contact me!