Odette van Buren Schele writes: Just wanted to say thanks for the videos you send and ask does studying human anatomy help drawing or painting better when ever you do human figures? 

Sincerely Odette


The more you know about any given subject, the easier it is going to be for you to render it. One of the reasons I like drawing birds so much is that I’m so familiar with how feathers look and feel in real life. My mom raised macaws and lovebirds when I was a kid. I hand-fed enough birds that I was constantly touching feathers. I understand how they feel, look and move so that translates well into my art. When painting or drawing an animal I’m unfamiliar with I like to watch documentaries on youtube about that animal so that I can see how it moves, how it sits etc.  I think the more you understand about any subject is going to make painting or drawing it that much easier. Studying human anatomy is extremely helpful for the same reasons.

  Keziah Alex writes:   Is it okay to make copies of a drawing and sell them? Should the copies be less expensive than the original?
I love your artwork and also, watching your videos on youtube.

If you mean painting an original again then I don’t recommend it. We see a lot of this sort of thing come out of china, where artists repaint the same group of designs again and again. Sure people will buy them, but those aren’t likely ever going to be worth very much. Now taking a painting and making something very similar but still different is another matter. You can create a series of paintings that are like each other but each one unique enough to still be original.

On the other hand, if you mean making prints of the original work, then yes that is ok and these will always hold less value than the original. Contrary to what some like to claim, selling prints does not devalue the original artwork. There is a big difference between owning a print and an original.