Question: My boyfriend and I just broke up recently (he broke up with me). I haven’t been able to set foot in my studio since the breakup because drawing and painting just makes me miss him more (art was a big part of our relationship)

however I need to get back into it because I have a commission due soon…what would you suggest as a way to get back into art without making the pain of the breakup worse on myself?


I can see where this would be hard. It sounds to me like it’s time for a studio makeover! If I were in your place I would want that room to look completely different than it did before. Paint is great if you’re in an apartment that allows it your own home, but if not you can hang fabric on your walls. I LOVE fabric on the walls because it creates texture and changes the color. I would probably not do this on every wall, but on a single wall it should work. I would also rearrange the furniture and possibly even paint the furniture.  Do you have chairs that are covered in fabric in that room? Make slipcovers for them! How about the lighting? Maybe some pretty little LED lights above a window? Chances are if you’re an artist then you can get pretty creative about changing everything. Turn this room into your own personal haven!

This room is all yours now as is your art. Making a change in the environment may be just the thing you need to grab onto your love of art again. Taking total control of the room (maybe use colors he wouldn’t have appreciated in the decor) can also be a great healing step in getting through the breakup.

Changing up your art space is something that any artist can do to help motivate them to get back to the easel. There are so many things that like to get in the way of our art. If we create a space that we love to be in, it’s a lot easier to want to get in there and get to work 🙂