Rain Asks: How do you store all your pencil crayons? All in their individual boxes or… ?


I store my pencils in wood cases that I got from Jerry’s Artarama

I used to store them in pencil cases like this, but as convenient as it was for travel, they were a pain to get in and out of the holder while I was working. These wood cases are far more convenient for me.


Kristine Hake asks: Is it important to put somewhere on the back of the canvas or other place, what medium you used, type of canvas, etc???  When I’m looking at Museums or places that sell art, this information is always made available.  So, I was wondering, do you keep a diary or write on the back of the painting or how do you remember what was what?  How do you name your paintings and is it a necessary part of the process?

This is definitely information that you want to keep track of. I don’t ever write on the back of my canvases, though. I generally have everything logged in a blog post or youtube video so I can look it up that way if needed. I have on several occasions forgotten the title of a piece, so having a diary or list of some sort would be a great idea!

As for naming my work, I have three methods I generally use.

  • One is naming them off a song that I either really like, or was listening to while I painted. The majority of my paintings are named after songs. I have SO many Anberlin titled paintings!
  • Second is looking up words with a thesaurus. I’ve found some really unique titles that way. I may want to title something “fire” but fire is too simple, so I look up other words that may sound better but mean something similar.
  • The last is just random words I heard that I liked the sound of. Sometimes I will google “the most beautiful English words” etc. If something sounds nice, and the meaning works with my painting, I choose that way.