For this tutorial, I’m working in colored pencil using both Luminance and Polychromos colored pencils. I’m blending with Mona Lisa Odorless paint thinner on a filbert taklon bristled brush and working on Stonehenge paper. I’ve used masking fluid and frisket to protect my subject while I airbrushed the background.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with using masking fluid, I will have a tutorial for that in the near future!




hannah-flower-wmMy reference photo is from  and was used with permission.

Links for the supplies I used:
Polychromos colored pencils
luminance colored pencils
Black artist masking tape
Mona Lisa Odorless Paint thinner
White Stonehenge paper (the individual sheets)…
Masking fluid

The colors that I used for the skin were:
Luminance: Burt Ochre 10%, Burnt Sienna 50%, French Grey 10%, French Grey 30%, French Grey 100%, White, sepia 50%, Violet Grey

Polychromos: Dark Flesh, Walnut brown, Paynes Grey 30%, Bistre, Burnt Sienna, Mauve

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