This month’s smart art box had very unexpected results for me! The type of oil paint used was one I don’t like…at all. It is a fairly inexpensive “starter” type oil paint that simply does not work for the techniques I generally use (glazing, detail, layering). The main problem I’ve had with it in the past was that when you put your first layer down, let it dry, then glaze over it, the first layer can lift up.  So I went into this project not expecting much.  I was SO SURPRISED!!! It worked GREAT with the gel medium and palette knives! This is one of my favorite boxes yet!! I sometimes have to remind myself that just because I don’t like a product for one technique that it doesn’t mean it’s not going to work beautifully for another. I love how my little Van Gogh almond blossom recreation came out!

What Came in the Box

  • Lukas Terzia Oil Color – 12 Piece set
  • Painter’s Edge Stainless Steel Painting Kife 5 piece set
  • Artbites Canvas Textured Boards – 2 5×7″ panels
  • Gamblin Solvent Free Gel Medium
  • Instructions and tips


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These boxes are now available in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, and Austria

This video was sponsored by Smart Art Box.