I was so excited to get permission from an AMAZING photographer to use his photo for my reference of this piece. You can check out his work at  http://www.urbanradim.cz/

I initially planned on doing this in acrylic so that I could use the airbrush for most of these effects…but then I realized I hadn’t made a colored pencil video in way too long! That was the entire thought process about which medium I wanted to do this in. Seriously scientific stuff here!! I used Luminance colored pencils by Caran d’Ache and Polychromos from Faber-Castell. I blended everything with Mona Lisa odorless paint thinner (as usual). I swear no matter how many times I tell people how I blend my colored pencils, I will still get at least one question a day asking me if I’m blending with water. The mist of snow splatter was done by a technique I’m still working on perfecting without burning my paper. As soon as I figure that out (I think I have it mastered now YAY), I will make a video showing you guys how to do this yourselves 😀

This video was a really fun collaboration with musician Adam Hoek. Adam was a contestant on season one of the Voice, Australia. His audition alone was O M G sooooooo good!!!!! Seriously check  this out!!

What?!?! Who has a voice like that?! So much talent! Well Adam wrote a song to go with this snowy owl colored pencil piece, and even let me play a bit of violin for the background. If you want to hear more from Adam, check out his website http://www.adamhoek.com/redeem/ where you can also get 7 free songs, or subscribe to his youtube channel where you can see a new music video from him EVERY week!! https://www.youtube.com/user/adamhoek

Adam also made a music video to go with this new song of his!