I have two quick solutions for artist block! The first is pretty simple, the second will encourage your creativity on top of solving your block. It’s like Metamucil for artist brainwaves!

Remember when it comes to art is that you will paint hundreds if not thousands of things throughout your life. Get the idea that every single painting has to top the last or be super creative out of your head. The act of creating ANYTHING is more important than waiting around for the PERFECT subject choice.

My first tip when artist block hits is do not let it fester. The longer you go without painting or drawing the harder it will become to come up with ideas or things that inspire you to paint.

Instead, pick something…ANYTHING! It could be as simple as the coffee mug on your table. Draw that! Even a quick sketch is fine. As you work on one project it encourages your creative brain to jump into action. It’s like building creative muscles…in your head. What if you drew a fish in that coffee mug? What if an octopus was holding a coffee mug full of roses? What if strawberries were sitting next to the octopus? While you work, let the what if’s flow. The WHAT IF muscles work better while you’re creating. That boring coffee mug idea can turn into something amazing and unique, but it’s not going to happen while you’re watching tv or playing video games.

Another action you can take right now to forever put an end to artist block is to get a jar (or some sort of container), a few pieces of paper, and a pen or pencil.

Write a list of random words. “Fork/flower/rose/deer/tire rim/bat/key/moth/violin/etc” The more random objects the better. You can even include colors or times of day/seasons to include. Cut those into pieces, and stick them in your jar. Now when artist block hits, pull 3 or more of those papers out and create a piece using those elements. Having an assignment like that can keep your brain in a creative space all the time!

We all need to be reminded “Don’t drink the paint water”  and other fun artist sayings. 
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