Teal, black and white, and dolphins…some of my favorite things! I’ve combined them all in this surreal dolphin painting. A couple of weeks ago I shared my tutorial showing you how to paint a wave. Today I’m sharing the whole painting. The music you will hear in the background is Greg McKnight on piano. I was supposed to add violin to that song, but I’m having issues recording for some reason. Until I get this buzzing figured out, the violin is on hold.

I’m painting on a Fredrix gallery wrapped canvas. This canvas had too much tooth for fine detail, but I loved the shape (1 1/2″ thick stretcher bars) so I just gessoed it with Liquitex gesso, dried it, then sanded it down with 800grit sandpaper for a smooth finish.

The colors I’m using are Liquitex basics in white, mars black, bright aqua green mixed with a bit of phthalo blue to get my teal color, and som permanent green deep for glazing over portions of the wave.

The 1 1/2 hour version of this painting is available now for Patreon supporters!!  This is also the painting I had printed for the June patreon postcards 😀