Todays submission comes from artist Dallas Nyberg. You can view more of his work at Dallas has completed this one combining traditional brush work with acrylics and airbrushing. The detail in this one is AMAZING!!! Your lighting, your contrast, you’ve just done an amazing job.



Taking a look at some adjustments that we can make to improve on this piece, even more, the main thing is that there is a light green blade of grass on the left that is far brighter than any of the others. It’s lightest area runs right off the canvas, which draws the viewer away from the frog. There are two adjustments that will help keep the viewer’s attention where you want it. One is to shade that blade, especially near the edge of the canvas to block the viewer inside. I understand wanting to keep contrast though, so another option would be to take advantage of the blurry effects that the airbrush can achieve and soften out the entire background. It’s the easiest thing to do with an airbrush, you just intentionally don’t get the sharp, fine detail you otherwise normally would! This lets you keep the high contrast in those blades, while still keeping the viewer’s attention focused on that frog.