Make your paintings and drawings look better by changing this one thing! This will work on ANY medium!

This is holding you back as an artist, but I’m going to show you exactly how you can put an end to that today!

We’ve all said it after spending an eternity on something that came out looking like you painted it with your feet.

“I’m never painting trees again” I’m never painting water again”

“I’m never painting fur again”

“I’m never painting the thing I’m really bad at again!”.

Trust me, there was a point early in my career I accepted the fact that I was just “bad” at painting people. I wasn’t wrong, I was terrible at it. Seriously, it was enough to question my career path. My solution at the time…well I’m bad at it so it’s just not for me.
Do you know what that accomplished? Nothing. It accomplished NO improvement in the area should have been spending the most time working on. I kept painting things I was already good at. I created a box of “this is what I’m good at” and stayed there for a few years. HEY! I see you about to skip this video thinking you know what I’m going to say. YOU DON’T! I have an ACTUAL solution that you can start doing TODAY! And it’s not as simple as “well just paint the thing you’re bad at”. No. That’s not helpful. Well, sort of it is, but mostly no. I’ve got something even better.

We all need to be reminded “Don’t drink the paint water”  and other fun artist sayings. 
Why not wear it on our clothes or coffee mugs to make sure we don’t forget.

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